Saturday, September 25

5 Things to Brighten Up Your Day

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High school can definitely be tough. This article will brighten your day, provide you with sources of inspiration, and make you smile. The following websites, videos, songs, and quotes are sure to pick you up and give you some perspective on life.





1) This inspirational video sends the important message that life isn’t easy and no one gets through it without stumbling every once in a while. The expression, “If you’ve never failed, you’ve never lived” is what this video emphasizes. We must take risks even if we are afraid to fail, because that’s how we learn to succeed.

2) This is the cat video, filled to brim with cuteness. A kitten giving another kitten a massage. What could be better?

3) 5 Things You Can Do to Feel Happier Now

This article is a phenomenal list of ways you can reduce stress while doing homework, chores, or even taking a test (although one may need to adjust the techniques to be respectful of the test taking environment). The list includes all sorts of physical and mental activities that are sure to relieve stress and calm you down.

4) 8 of the World’s Most Influential People
This is a website that features amazing people who have overcome extreme obstacles in their life, from dealing with a lost leg or arm to being blind, they are still able to find the strength to live happily. They understand and promote the message of many spiritual leaders, “We are put in situations to build our character. Not to destroy us.” These people and their stories can give us a sense of perspective and gratitude for what we have.

5) Positive Thinking

“Positive Thinking” is a story about a man who realizes that life is all about choices. We cannot control what happens, but in every situation we can control how we react. The story focuses on a man who chooses to be happy and look on the bright side even as he encountered an obstacle that could have meant death. This story emphasizes that no matter what the circumstance you always have a choice; “It’s your choice how you live life”.



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