Sunday, October 24

Car incident lands postal truck on sidewalk beside MVHS

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Today at 1:45 PM, a student driver pulling out of the MVHS student parking lot onto Bryant Avenue failed to see an approaching U.S. Postal Service truck due to a construction truck parked beside the lot’s exit. The right frontal bumper of the anonymous student’s BMW hit the right rear bumper of the eastbound postal truck, propelling it in a spiral through the street and onto the sidewalk next to the parking lot. Pieces of both vehicles’ bumpers flew into the street, but all parties remained unharmed through the accident.

Postal truck straddles sidewalk beside MVHS student parking lot due to collision with student driver

“I was coming down the street and all of a sudden I heard a big bang and I started spinning around and ended up here,” the postal worker said, pointing to his truck straddling the curb. “I think that other car came out a little too fast with the white truck there blocking the view. I was already halfway across the entrance when it got my right rear bumper.”

Elliot Swan, a 2006 MVHS graduate, witnessed the incident while running on Bryant with his dog.

“I saw the BMW pull out real quick [sic],” he said. “It hit the corner of the truck, then it came towards me, and then [my dog]pulled me out of the way.”

Truck skids over curb and onto MVHS grass

The loud skidding noise attracted a swarm of student bystanders who seemed to agree with the postal worker about the view blockage: “All cars, particularly the big construction truck, parked in that spot next to the entrance cause issues,” senior Allie Gamble, a student eyewitness, said. “I always have to be extra careful when I pull out of the lot.”


Since the physical area of the accident does not fall within the school district’s domain, the Youth Advisory Committee of Mountain View plans to discuss possible solutions to the driving obstruction at its meeting tonight.




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  1. I find it interesting that there is no mention of the student’s perspective. Aren’t there always two sides to a story? The focus seems to be almost entirely on the postal worker.

  2. Hold on. Front right of the student, Back rear of the postal truck? That means when the BMW pulled out of the driveway, the postal truck had already been in front of him – meaning the student driver just had bad reflexes and was zooming out of the parking lot – which is unfortunately normal. -_-

  3. Visibility is so poor when tall cars park in the spots next to the exit from the student parking lot. I’m surprised this didn’t happen sooner.

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