Friday, January 21

ASB amendment rejected at congressional meeting

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As a follow up to the previous article reporting on the Associated Student Body’s plan to amend their own constitution, today the 2nd period Student Congress voted on the ASB amendment drafted by ASB President Zia Absar.

The amendment was rejected mainly because students were concerned about the consolidation of power in the ASB class. Many students feel that the the main responsibility of congress is to approve clubs and taking that act away could be a serious detriment to our MVHS society.

Because this amendment was not passed, the focus will now turn to improving the current system with a higher attendance rate of class representatives, and more communication between representatives and their classes.

“I was really hoping the amendment would pass because I thought it would make congressional meeting run more smoothly and club approval process more fair,” ASB Secretary Sara Lighthall said. “At this point we have to improve our current system to get more balanced student input.”




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  1. An unfortunate decision made because of a thirst for power. At least this will give us the opportunity to work more on the democratization of Congress itself, moving it towards a more representative body on campus than it currently is.

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