Friday, January 21

Barbara Kaufman named Teacher of the Year

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Every year, the Mountain View Los Altos school district presents the “Teacher of the Year” award to a member of the faculty who has exhibited great passion and enthusiasm for their job. This year, principal Keith Moody proudly announced that the winner was Mountain View High School physical education teacher Barbara Kaufman. Kaufman was chosen for her “limitless enthusiasm, passion for her discipline, and constant push for improvement.” She is compassionate and willing to reflect on her own program and make changes, inspired by “her deep compassion for and commitment to her students.” In addition, she has been described as a “true leader” and “a compassionate and caring colleague.”

“This [award], being acknowledged by your peers, was amazing… [I was] overwhelmed,” said Kaufman. In addition to having been named CCS Athletic Director of the Year and being certified on the National Board, Kaufman always strives to do what is best for her students. As department chair, she constantly strives to run a smooth and successful physical education program. “I’ll teach as long as I can,” said Kaufman.

“Barb Kaufman for her limitless enthusiasm, passion for her discipline, and constant push for improvement.  For her willingness to examine her own program and make changes and for her deep compassion for and commitment to her students. She is a true leader, engaging with her department on questions large and small that improve instruction and result in increased learning. She is also a compassionate and caring colleague who is willing to pitch in and help wherever and whenever an extra hand is needed. Barb obviously loves to learn new things and passes that love on.”




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  1. A PE teacher really? What a joke. Not to say she is a bad teacher but there are much more legitimate subjects out there with much more skilled teachers. And who votes on thsi anyways? Shouldn’t this be a student and not teacher decision?

  2. Anonymous is stupid on

    Its hilarious how rude people can be. Ms. Kaufman deserves this award. Congratulations! We love you!

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