Sunday, October 24

Student injured in biking accident on Truman Ave.

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    MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA – At approximately 12:25 Thursday afternoon, junior Sam Fitch was injured in a bike accident.  Fitch was biking back to campus at a vigorous pace to avoid being tardy when the accident occurred.

    “A car opened its door, Sam tried to avoid the door, but his petal clipped the door and flipped him off his bike,” junior Nick Towell, a friend of Fitch, said.

Shortly after the accident occurred, paramedics rushed onto the scene and took Fitch to the hospital. The specific hospital has not yet been confirmed. His helmet took some of the brunt, but Fitch reportedly sustained a broken collar bone and hip in the accident.

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    • Yes, he separated his right shoulder, his left hip is heavily bruised, and his left elbow is hurting, but x-rays were not taken of it

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