Saturday, September 25

Same Questions, Different Answers

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As we grow older, we gain knowledge and develop certain traits that make us what society might consider the “wise” or the “mature.” In other words, with age comes life experience, something that is not attainable as a young child. Throughout our youth, there is only a brief period during which ‘kids will be kids’ and fully embrace their innocence. Of course, as we age, we become more self-aware that everything that escapes from our mouths could very possibly end up in, say, a video on a website for the school newspaper.

Looking at both the older side and younger side of the age-spectrum, it is only natural to wonder what both seniors and 4-6 year olds have to say in response to the same questions. See for yourself…

DISCLAIMER: The views expressed in this video do not represent those of the Oracle newspaper or any of the Mountain View High School’s affiliates.


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