Sunday, October 24

Top 5 must-see movies

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Everyone loves a good movie, but we’ve all had times struggling to find that perfect film.  Whether you’re interested in partying with friends or having some quality alone-time, these movies will surely be a hit:


5) The Proposal: This classic Rom-Com never ceases to fascinate; how can a movie not be interesting if Betty White’s in it? Ryan Reynolds plays a man named Andrew who is the assistant editor to a harsh, bossy woman named Margaret (played by Sandra Bullock). After being blackmailed into engagement in order to save Margaret from being deported back to Canada, Andrew brings Margaret with him to Alaska to announce their sudden engagement to his family (and eclectic grandmother played by Betty White). In short, the two endure a bumpy road through meeting Andrew’s family and avoiding causing suspicion for immigration officials; in the end, however, well…You’ll just have to watch the movie to find out.

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4) She’s the Man: Two words: Channing Tatum. This romantic comedy stars not only the beautiful man himself but celebrities including Amanda Bynes and David Cross. Disguising herself as her twin brother Sebastian, Viola (portrayed by Bynes), enrolls in her brother’s high school so she can play on the school soccer team; having her own team cut and its members not allowed to try out for the boys’ team, Viola is determined to prove that her skills cannot be judged by her sex. With such tenacity, she invokes the help of her roommate, Duke (played by Tatum). She begins to fall for him, but there’s one problem: Duke thinks she is a guy. This twisted love story is based on the Shakespeare play, “Twelfth Night,” and it is a movie that should not be missed.

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3) The Blind Side: If you’re in the mood for a real tear-jerker, this movie is perfect. Its touching storyline and inspiring characters make for a beautiful film. Sandra Bullock plays a woman named Leigh Anne Tuohy who takes Michael, a young, black man with academic troubles and no place to call home, under her wing. Having never owned anything of luxury, Michael is overwhelmed by the kindness of the Tuohy family and their determination to help him succeed. After overcoming so many hardships, Michael finally realizes what it is like to have a family to call his own. This drama is perfect for anyone in the mood to feel all warm and fuzzy inside and has an Academy Award nomination for best film to back up the fact that it is such an amazing movie.

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2) Identity Thief: This hilarious comedy is about a woman who steals the identity of a man who happens to have a unisex name, Sandy, which she easily claims as her own. Thus, the real Sandy is forced to go on a hunt to find the woman pretending to be him, only to find that his impostor is not as tough as she seems. Jason Bateman and Melissa McCarthy star in this captivating and humorous film.

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1) Bridesmaids: If ever a movie was comedy-gold, it would be this one. Comedian and SNL veteran Kristen Wiig not only stars in the movie as the main character, but she helped as co-writer in the making of its script as well. The movie follows Annie Walker (portrayed by Wiig) as she struggles to become the perfect bridesmaid for her best friend, Lillian (played by Maya Rudolph). As Lillian’s wedding approaches, Annie finds herself facing setback after setback, from planning an ideal bachelorette party that ends unexpectedly to communicating with the other bridesmaids. The twists and turns in this movie will make you laugh and cry (from laughing so hard), and it is undoubtedly a must-see movie.

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