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Faculty profile: EJ Amaku

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For the second year, Mountain View High School’s athletes have been fortunate enough to have EJ Amaku as their trainer to help evaluate, manage, and heal their injuries. He was previously a trainer for other high schools in Texas, and he went to the University of San Francisco for his undergrad and went to SFA graduate school to major in Sports Science. He discovered his passion for being a trainer when he was cut from college basketball during tryouts.

“I still wanted to be around the team and players, and being a trainer is a great way to be involved without actually playing,” Amaku said.

During school hours before practice, he is kept busy by dealing with requests for ice packs or to be taped to heal their sore muscles. Many athletes use this time to ask him questions about their injuries and how to alleviate the pain. He also evaluates athletes joints, especially ankles and feet, to find the source of the pain or to recommend them to a doctor. He sometimes helps students with broken bones and and works with athletes who suffer from chronic pain. EJ is also there to help students in emergency injuries during sports games. Injuries of the head, neck, or spine are his biggest fears, and he has been lucky to not have to encounter any so far. He truly cares about the students who ask him for help and hopes to aid them in a smooth recovery so they can perform to their greatest potential.

”What I love most about being a trainer at MVHS is the athlete interaction and seeing players return to their respective playing field, whether it is a soccer player on the field, or a basketball player back on the court.”

His most common advice is to stretch and take care of their bodies during the offseason.  He hopes for all athletes to be happy and healthy by following his advice to prevent injuries. No matter what sport you play, you can always count on EJ to help you get back in the game and soothe your pains.  Even though he doesn’t play sports for our school, EJ is a valuable team player to Mountain View High School’s athletic department.

EJ evaluates a student’s ankle after he was hurt playing soccer during lunch.

EJ evaluates a student’s ankle after he was hurt playing soccer during lunch.


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