Sunday, October 24

Pi Day activities in the quad

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The tradition of Pi Day is still fresh on the Mountain View High School campus. For years, March 14th has marked the day where we celebrate the unyielding variable, nicknamed Pi, that’s used to find the circumference of a circle. The exact number of Pi is still undiscovered to this day, but the rounded form of Pi used to calculate

values is 3.14 (which is why we celebrate on March 14th), and there’s a computer dedicated to finding if Pi is either repeated, an infinite number, or if it ends. The original mathematician who was credited to finding (part of) the value of Pi was Archimedes, somewhere between 287-212 BC.

This March 14th marks the 2nd annual Pi Day celebration at Mountain View High School. In the quad at lunch there will be many activities to get students as well as teachers excited for Pi Day. These activities are on the number Pi as well as its homophone pie, YUM! There is a competition centered on reciting the most digits of Pi, a baking competition on whoever can bake the best pie, and creating the best visual Pi pun (ex. Pi-thon, Pi-rate Ship, etc.). Mountain View teachers hope to add even more festive Pi day activities.


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