Friday, January 21

Balloons in cafeteria cause fire alarm to go off during sixth period

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The fire alarm set off today at around 2:20 p.m., during sixth period, was due to a malfunction involving balloons and the beam detectors in the cafeteria.

“We have two bright yellow beams in the cafeteria and there are sensors underneath the beams and they shoot a light that detects smoke and if it doesn’t make it all the way across, it sets off the fire alarm,” Assistant Principal Lynne Ewald said.

The light didn’t make it across, similar to how it wouldn’t make it across if there was smoke, because it hit balloons, belonging to an MVHS student, in the cafeteria.

After the balloons were removed from the cafeteria, students were able to safely return to class just a few minutes before sixth period ended.


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