Monday, January 24

Last Minute MVHS Themed Costumes

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You probably didn’t think it was possible to procrastinate on your halloween costume more than you did on your ASP.

Costume: Madrigal

What you need:

All you really need is a cape.

How to act:

Sing everything you speak for the entire day. If you’re a guy don’t forget to mention #bassnation every time someone says an inside joke. Make sure that all your vowels are ‘pear shaped’.


Costume: Dr. T

What you need:

Wear a purple shirt, purple pants, purple shoes–everything should be purple. Write only in purple ink and only touch purple things.

How to act:

Make spontaneous chemistry puns and share any strange science facts you know. Always have bouncy balls ready to do demos of atomic structure. You sure won’t be Boron in this costume!


*Please note that this model had a high quality Dr. T mask

Costume: Sixthman Member

What you need:

Wear crazy black and yellow clothing, and carry horns or an obnoxiously sized spartan flag. Cover your face with face paint.

How to act:

Constantly be loud and rowdy by yelling cheers every chance you get. Loudly celebrate small accomplishments. Try standing next to groups of five to be the sixth. Remember, 1, 2, 3; Go MV!


Costume: Senior

What you need:

Wear sweatpants and a sweatshirt for that ‘I woke up like this’ look. Keep your favorite Starbucks drink in hand. Make sure to have a lanyard from your favorite college or sports team to remind everyone that you have a car and they don’t.

How to act:

Show up late to your classes (How can they blame you? You were out at lunch!). Incessantly talk about how many college apps you have left to finish that you probably haven’t started yet. Swing around your lanyard an obnoxious amount, otherwise people might forget.


Costume: Freshman

What you need:

Wear your “freshly washed” PE uniform (We all know it hasn’t been cleaned in months). Lug around a rolling backpack, but an overstuffed regular backpack will also do the trick. Have your school map handy in case you get lost.

How to act:

Always look confused but be too shy to ask for directions, maybe you’ll end up accidentally exploring some new classes you aren’t in.  




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