Thursday, June 4

MVHS football loses 56-27 in CCS game against St. Francis.

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On Friday Nov. 11, 2016, MVHS played in the CCS football match for the first time in 11 years. Although a hard fought battle against the St. Francis Lancers, the game resulted in a Spartan loss.The game was held at St. Francis, but the MVHS community still came out to show Spartan pride.
Within the first minute of the game, the Lancers scored a touchdown. In the first quarter the Lancers scored three touchdowns, while the Spartans scored one. In the second quarter, the Lancers scored two touchdowns—one being the result of an interception. The Spartans came out of the third quarter with two touchdowns and a turnover. By the end of the fourth quarter the Lancers scored three more touchdowns, with one in the final seconds of the game, and the Spartans scored one touchdown.
The final score being 56-27, Lancers, ended the football season for MVHS. According to MaxPreps, the Spartans ended the season with an overall record of 5-6 and a league record of 2-4.


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