Choir expected to sell CDs in efforts to raise money for hurricane relief in Puerto Rico

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After a wave of disaster and destruction in Puerto Rico caused by Hurricane Maria, the Academia Musical da Capo in Aguada, Puerto Rico, and the MVHS Choir Council — the democratic governing body of the choir department — have partnered to help fund the replacement of instruments and supplies that were lost in the hurricane with funds from CD sales.

Choir Council President Gabriela Wilde and Secretary/Treasurer Anna Petti are helping to organize the project and facilitate communication with the school in Aguada.

Members of the choir department and other outside artists have begun recording for the CD, which will include a variety of Puerto Rican music, such as songs by Marc Anthony, the Puerto Rican territorial anthem “La Borinqueña,” and various instrumental songs. The CD will be recorded in both Spanish and English. 

The choir department has partnered with Freestyle Academy in order to use their facilities and equipment. An anonymous donor has also provided funds that allow for professional CD production.

After Hurricane Maria made landfall Sept. 20, the choir department was put in contact with the school in Aguada.

“It definitely means a lot to the two of us because we visited there, and to hear these people who welcomed us, who did so much for us, now need help it’s kind of an obligation for us to help them,” Petti said.

CD sales are expected to be the main source of funding for the replacement of instruments. Currently, there are seven tracks on the CD, but choir students anticipate that more tracks will be added.

“I feel like even though the hurricane already passed it’s really easy to forget that people still need help. It takes a long time to rebuild — even though the CD is coming out in January, it’s really important to help,” Wilde said.

The CDs are expected to be released in January 2018.

[Correction: A previous version of this story misstated the designation of “La Borinqueña.” It is the territorial anthem, not a national anthem. The spelling of the Choir Council president’s name has also been corrected.]


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