Tuesday, January 19

MVHS Mock Trial team go undefeated until loss at county quarterfinal competition

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The MVHS Mock Trial team went undefeated in their recent season with a 4-0 record, eventually losing in county quarterfinal competition. Presidents Mae Hubel and Laura Kelly attribute the team’s success to the sense of community among members and their extreme passion for the work. Aside from learning about the law, members also learn about effective communication in academic and non-academic environments.

Increased outreach resulted in an increase to the club’s membership this year. According to Hubel and Kelly, the new members contributed fresh perspectives and enthusiasm, helping effect a positive working environment. 

Junior Aarushi Gupta joined the club this season and believes the club’s success is due to the amount of preparation and practice members put in before each competition.

“It’s not like other classes where it’s purely just learning. It’s actual communication, so you get to know people better when you’re in that kind of environment,” Gupta said.

The club meets Tuesday nights, spending the majority of their time developing arguments and learning about how the trials are conducted with coaching from legal professionals. Each team receives a case packet containing information about a fictional scenario. Students then take on the role of either an attorney or witness for either the prosecution or the defense.

“Everyone has the same case packet, but how you present your case and the approach you take is different so that’s a creative aspect of it that’s really fun,” Kelly said.

In preparation for the competitive season, the club holds scrimmages against other local high schools. Along the way, members are able to form close bonds with the coaches who help them prepare.

“Mock Trial has helped me be able to articulate what I’m thinking a lot more clearly,” Hubel said. “It’s really empowering to be articulate [with]what you want to say in the courtroom situation to be able to win an objection or deliver a strong closing argument is satisfying.”


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