Thursday, August 5

MVHS goes green with plan for campus recycling and compost disposals

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New environmentally-conscious trash and recycling disposals could soon be coming to MVHS thanks to an ASB initiative led by senior and environmental commissioner Peyton White.

White plans to streamline waste systems in classrooms, eating areas, and janitor carts. Classrooms would have separate bins for landfill trash and mixed recycling; major eating areas would also have a food waste receptacle for composting.

White planned the initiative in collaboration with Assistant Principal Teri Faught, who White said has already approved around $25,000 to finance the new system.

Faught and White said they have also communicated with students and the school board to gain feedback on the project.

“I did a survey at the beginning of last year and overwhelmingly, the one thing students wanted to see was composting and a more manageable waste system,” White said.

White said she appreciates the support from Faught this year, as she faced some hesitation from administration last year in the initial stages of the project.

“I had to do a lot more planning and a lot more thinking things through and answering questions before they were asked, to show that it was worth it,” White said.

However, White said Faught showed interest in the project and its environmental impact at the beginning of this school year.

“The environment has always been near and dear in my heart,” Faught said. “Having the opportunity to work on this campus … to improve our environmental sensitiveness, I think, is a real honor and privilege.”

White began this project a year and a half ago and said she hopes to see it take off in her last months at MVHS. If this project goes well and is completed before the end of the school year, she said she also intends to raise campus awareness of environmental issues, which she said she believes is the biggest problem current generations face. She has been working with the broadcasting class to promote Earth Week, which is from April 17-24.

“It’s super important, now more than ever, to have people who care,” White said. “Even [people]who don’t want to devote their whole lives to the environment, but who at least care enough to be accountable and responsible when it comes to their own lives.”


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