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Student Anya McClatchie shares her passion for education

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While most students spend their summer taking a break from learning, junior Anya McClatchie spent her summer at Tufts University in Boston, taking writing and history courses.

Photo courtesy of Anya McClatchie

At Tufts, she met many new people and said she experienced education in a different way. Mclatchie said that she found herself among a group of students eager to learn and dedicated to their education.

McClatchie’s experience at Tufts has helped her recognize the type of educational experience she wants for herself and others.

McClatchie aims to apply this experience to her role in ASB as the Ambassadors coordinator, a position which was created last year. This position is designed to organize events around campus and connect ASB to the Ambassadors club, which works to promote inclusion between all members of the student body. 

McClatchie’s main job will be to communicate with the Ambassadors club to ensure there’s no overlap between events as well as fostering collaboration between the two groups as they both strive to better our community. 

“I hope with my role, I can make it so people want to learn more and are having fun learning, because I guess that is the end goal of school and I guess it’s the end goal for me,” McClatchie said.  

McClatchie said that part of her interest for her role in ASB came from her plans for the future. She said she hopes to pursue public relations or communication, careers in which she knows she’s helping bridge gaps between groups of people, something mirrored in her work for ASB.

In the end, I just want Mountain View to be a community of students that are as passionate about learning as I am

Getting students involved and excited about learning is something McClatchie said she ’s passionate about, and she hopes to continue expressing the love of education she found at Tufts.

“In the end, I just want Mountain View to be a community of students that are as passionate about learning as I am,” McClatchie said.

Mclatchie said she hopes to continue her role as the ASB Ambassadors Coordinator, creating positive change on campus by getting groups of students involved in their education. She said she knows her role will help get students excited about learning, and she’s looking forward to making a positive impact on our campus. 


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