Saturday, September 25

Cross country races league finals, girls and boys varsity advance to CCS

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Ellie Montgomery comes off of what is affectionately called “Heartbreak Hill” on the crystal springs course during SCVAL League finals Tuesday, Nov. 5. The varsity girls team placed 4th overall, advancing them to CCS finals. Photo courtesy of Craig Blockhus.
Shota Fletcher finishes third in his race, earning his personal record of 2.95 miles in 17:44 minutes at a 6:01 mile pace. Photo courtesy of Craig Blockhus.
The junior varsity girls race kicks off. Kate Stone and Natalie Mark both finished in the top 10 of their race, placing 7th and 9th, respectively. Photo courtesy of Craig Blockhus.
Varsity boys Keegan Pelton(122), Andrew Black(94), Ethan Stone(131), and Chase Adams(91) pass the mile mark at league finals. The boys varsity team had an average pace of 5:51 minutes per mile. Photo courtesy of Craig Blockhus.
Jonathan Pal and Enzo Sapojnikoff sprint at the end of their Junior and Senior non-varsity boys race. Pal finished 23rd and Sapojnikoff finished 24th. Photo courtesy of Craig Blockhus.

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