Friday, January 21

Playlist: Underrated songs of 2019

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With mainstream pop artists often dominating the radio, charts, and attention, other as equally talented artists frequently go unrecognized. Take a break from radio hits and discover new music and genres by listening to these underrated songs from 2019. Ranging from Dayglow’s bedroom pop ‘Hot Rod’ to Greer’s alternative rock ‘Song for Me’, and Conan Gray’s indie-pop ‘Maniac’, this playlist offers a variety of styles and sounds. After discovering many of these songs through simply stumbling upon their music videos on YouTube or having them recommended to me on Spotify, I have now found many new favorite songs as well as artists. Change up the music you listen to and discover a new artist by checking out this playlist. Enjoy! 


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Emma is a junior in her second year of Oracle. As the photo editor for Oracle, she has a passion for photography, and also enjoys reading, writing, running and playing volleyball on the school's varsity team.

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