Saturday, September 25

District closes amid rising COVID-19 concerns

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Update March 16, 10:00 p.m.: In an email to staff, Superintendent Nellie Meyer asked teachers not to release any class instruction or assignments until March 23 in order to allow time for the district to determine how best to support students with IEPs, students without wifi, and students struggling with food insecurity.

Update March 13, 4:30 p.m.: In alignment with a countywide order on public schools from the Santa Clara County Department of Public Health, the school closure is extended for another week with a tentative return date of April 13. In a letter to MVLA staff, Superintendent Nellie Meyer said that Comcast has offered to provide their Internet Essentials wifi plan at no cost to low-income students. She also said that the district was partnering with the Mountain View Whisman School District and other community resources to distribute food to families struggling with food insecurity.

In an emergency MVLA board meeting today at 9 a.m., the district voted 5-0 in favor of closing the school for at least two weeks, starting this Monday.

The motion specifies that this is in reference to in-person classes, allowing teachers to assign students work from home during the closure. It also states that the time frame for closure is flexible. While at least two weeks is guaranteed, whether or not that will continue until the end of spring break is to be decided by Superintendent Nellie Meyer.

Students who struggle with a lack of wifi or food at home will continue to be supported by the school.


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  1. Not clear if ‘District’ means the entire district, K-12, or just the school (“…closing the school..” and ‘the’ has me wondering to which school is it referring)

    • The Oracle is the Mountain View High School publication, so “the school” is referring to Mountain View High. MVHS is in the Mountain View Los Altos Union School District, which contains Mountain View High, Los Altos High, and Alta Vista High. Of course, now, schools in many Bay Area counties are closed, not just this district.

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