Tuesday, October 26

Life through a lens: Photographers of Mountain View

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Senior Samir Freiha and Sophomore Chris Liu express how they see the world through the lens of their cameras. Despite their different styles, both share a passion for capturing fleeting moments in time through their photography.

Samir Freiha: 

Courtesy of Samir Freiha

“When I’m shooting, I always want to go for a new perspective, I never want to take the same photo twice. I also don’t want to take photos of things you can just walk around and see. I want people to see something they haven’t seen before in a new light. It’s really about capturing a moment in time. These moments are super fleeting, they don’t last. And that’s part of what inspires me.”

Courtesy of Samir Freiha

“If I’m shooting black and white I want my photo to be very stark. I want it to stand out. So I look for a subject that doesn’t quite fit in.”

Courtesy of Samir Freiha

Chris Liu:

“I first started [photography]in the eighth grade, I was on a road trip to Monterey with my family when I shot a couple of photos on my iPhone. I had a lot of free time, so my mom suggested I download some photoshop apps and edit my photos. My first attempts were pretty rough, but I kept practicing and I got better.” 

Courtesy of Chris Liu

“For me it’s more experimentation, figuring out how to bring out the best I can from each photo with different techniques, playing around with different software and finding new ways in which I can bring out the best in each image.”

Courtesy of Chris Liu


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