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The day in the life of MVHS Athlete: Devan Melwani

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Devan Melwani starts the day bright and early. 

“I feel like I’m pretty unique for a teenager because I get up a lot earlier…around 6:30,” Melwani said.

He notes that he is able to be more productive in the morning both because of distance learning and because of his current schedule. 

Last year, he had a zero period class that kept him from being as productive, since it started early in the morning, but this year he has neither a zero period nor a first-period class, so he is able to complete a lot more work earlier.

“I feel like I’m most productive in the morning…I’m definitely a morning person,” said Melwani.

Usually, he starts the day with homework and extracurricular work, has breakfast around 7:30, then transitions to exercise. Depending on the day, the type of exercise varies. On Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, Melwani does Peloton stationary bike workouts, around

“…20 or 30 minutes…though usually a really intense workout because it’s for such a short time.”

On Mondays and Tuesdays, he does a quick, ten-minute workout to strengthen his arms–usually a strength workout–or his core.

After, Melwani said that he usually finishes up his homework or watches a little bit of TV to wind down before online classes begin.

After school, he sometimes goes on a walk after sitting for so long during online classes.

Though Melwani is usually a Cross Country athlete, he decided to take a break from running due to COVID-19 restrictions. However, he notes that he hasn’t decided on a plan to resume.

“I’m not sure if I’ll resume Cross Country when [quarantine]is over, though I know that’s not a very definitive answer…it really depends”


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    The photo of Devan Melwani in action is a study in concentration. Determination is written all over his face. The positions of the arms gives us a idea that his technique is well suited to Cross Country running. More power to Devan.

    Sophia, your write up has created a vivid account of day in the life of Devan Melwani. You’ve done a great interview.

    Devan has done his grandfather and family proud

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