Saturday, October 16

Archer Date, Philip Dworkin, and Hannia Gomez Diaz announced Homecoming royalty

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Three members of Homecoming court were crowned royalty in a shocking tie in the votes during Friday night’s Homecoming football game. Archer Date, Philip Dworkin, and Hannia Gomez Diaz were announced the winners. 

“I feel so overwhelmed, and so happy and excited,” Gomez Diaz said. “To be voted for was so special. I’ve been feeling great all week.”

Hannia Gomez Diaz

“It’s kinda crazy, very surreal, one of the most distinct things that’s happened during my time at high school,” Date said. “It means a lot. I thank everyone that has impacted me and that has been kind to me and a friend to me, and I’m just really happy that I can share a moment and try to give back.”

Archer Date

Dworkin said he was feeling great to be voted for. 

Philip Dworkin

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